Son In Law Madness Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Nathan Is Cornered

Bradley spoke hesitatingly. “The warzone at the northern border is in a state of an emergency. Nathan might not be able to hold it anymore. I think he’s severely injured and is surrounded by people in warzone number six. More than ten thousand battle-arrays went to rescue him, but they were all wiped out.”

Donald’s eyebrows furrowed immediately. Nathan was a part of the Collins family, Lana’s distant relative, and one of the four Novem Stella Warriors. His nickname was Northern Border Warrior. Twenty years ago, he surpassed the million power level mark. Though he never attended any rating competitions, many people believed he was as powerful as the Golden Lord, Donald.

“What about the enemy’s forces?” asked Donald. “No idea. They just appeared out of nowhere, but I’m certain it’s the four Novem Stella Warriors who are cornering him,” Bradley informed.

“When did this happen?” Donald’s tone turned cold.

“Three days ago.”

“D*mn it!” Donald’s eyes glinted with fury as he looked at Bradley. His horrifying aura permeated the room, causing the atmosphere to be tense. “This is such a serious matter. Why are you only telling me about it now?”

Located at the northern border warzone was an S8-Grade laboratory, which was the base for Yorksland’s research on the nano-grade lithography machine. If the place was taken over by the enemies, all the experimental data would be leaked and the territory—the lifeline of the lithography machine will be seized.

“It’s because of Ms. Wilson. I was worried I’d get in the way of the biggest events in your life.” Bradley fell to his knees.

Donald pulled out his phone and glanced at the time. It would take ten hours to travel to the northern border by flight. There would not be enough time to rush back.

However, it would be sufficient if he relied on his speed. In fact, he could arrive at the northern border in just five hours.

“Where’s my jurganite halberd?” asked Donald.

Bradley answered, “It’s in the Lord Campbell Mountain Villa.”

“Wait here for me. I’ll rush back to Pollerton tomorrow at ten o’clock in the morning,” Donald informed, disappearing from the room in a flash.

Bradley stood up and smiled bitterly. “Lord Campbell is so loyal to the country.”

The northern border warzone was a vast primeval forest. It was also one of the world’s biggest no man’s land, which covered over three hundred miles of uninhibited land.

Behind the no man’s land was the S8-Grade laboratory, a high-end laboratory used to research and develop the lithography machine.

A tall man dressed in a white suit was munching on fruit in the no man’s land with an indifferent expression. At the same time, there was a Serpent Spear in his right hand.

That man was Nathan, the Northern Border Warrior, and one of the four Novem Stella Warriors of Yorksland.

He was forced into the no man’s land for three days already, and he knew there were at least four Novem Stella Warriors hunting him.

Recently, the country dispatched many troops to rescue him. However, they vanished as soon as they entered the no man’s land.

He would be dead meat if his presence was sensed. Hence, he slowed down his breaths to the minimum, not daring to make his breathing sound heard. Even his phone was turned off for fear of the enemy detecting the energy waves.

The night slowly approached. As he lifted his head, he saw the sky filled with stars. It was a beautiful sight.

However, the more beautiful it was, the more terrified he felt.

Apart from the four Novem Stella Warriors, there should be a few thousand men from the special forces who came as well. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have eliminated the troops so discreetly. Nathan was very clear about the situation.

As he was thinking about it, he suddenly felt all the hairs on his body standing on end. Without thinking twice, he leaped to his feet and fled from his spot.


The spot he was at earlier exploded into pieces. A cross-shaped sword could be seen stuck in the ground, glinting with a silvery light.

Following that, Nathan saw a man appearing with a golden retriever mask. Only the latter’s eyes were revealed, and they stared icily at Nathan.

It was one of the foreign Novem Stella Warriors, Beerus Spargo.

He was as powerful as Nathan, with a power level of over millions.

Gripping the Serpent Spear in his hand, Nathan looked to the side, and his heart sank once again.

Another masked man with deep blue eyes walked out with a scepter in his hand.

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