Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 511

Chapter 511 The Beginning of a Standoff

He wasn’t the only one crashing this standoff; behind him was a crowd of bodyguards. Before they even said a word, the fight that was on the verge of erupting came to a complete standstill. Instantly, the atmosphere chilled.

Eugene chuckled coldly. Just as Pele had said, all of The Quintets seemed to have gathered here. Other than the captured Tres, the rest of the gang was present. The lobby was filled with a mass of people, each of them baring their teeth in a fierce snarl. The tables and chairs were all flipped over or broken, like someone had trashed the place.

Eugene glanced at Jefe, who stood in the center of the crowd. He was the calmest of them, but due to his leg injury, he remained seated in his wheelchair.

Jefe was also currently looking at Eugene as well. They both had their own thoughts when their eyes met. Jefe and the rest of The Quintets wanted to save Tres, but all Eugene wanted was to exact payback on them.

Since Eugene was here, most of the crowd thought that they wouldn’t need to resolve the situation with killing. Just the man’s aura was powerful enough. Both The Quintets and Brian’s men automatically stopped and quietly cleared a path for Eugene in tacit understanding.

Dos frowned slightly. In actuality, they knew that Eugene was the one who captured Tres, but they still didn’t want to get into a fight with him. Tres was still just a member of The Quintets. He wasn’t worth the trouble to the point of getting into a direct confrontation with Eugene.

But what was going on now? Wasn’t Brian’s relationship with Eugene like water and fire? Why did Eugene show up here?

Dos narrowed his eyes. “Eugene Nolan? We’ve always steered clear of you. This has nothing to do with you. Stop sticking your nose in!”

Eugene sneered. “Nothing to do with me? I was the one who captured Tres. If you have anything to say, say it to my face!”

“The f*ck!” Dos’ temper flared again when he heard that. He took a few steps closer toward Eugene and questioned, “Why did you capture Tres?”

By now, Eugene stood before Dos. “Don’t you already know the reason deep down? You laid your hands on my girlfriend repeatedly. Was it because I made you guys think that I’m a pushover?”

Dos’ breath instinctively stopped. He knew full well what The Quintets had done.

But right now, he couldn’t admit it. If Brian was the only one they were facing off, they could still beat him. With Eugene here now, though, no one really knew who the actual troublemaker here was. Dos pretended not to know anything while arguing in defiance, “Who the f*cking hell laid a hand on your chick?”

The moment he said that, Dos felt a chill sweep across his body. Immediately, someone gripped his neck tightly, instantly making his face turn an interesting shade of red when he was already lacking oxygen from holding his breath earlier.

Dos instinctively struggled, but he didn’t expect the hand on his neck to remain in a vice grip, like pincers. He couldn’t budge at all.

Eugene’s face was blank. “Who are you saying ‘f*cking hell’ to?” His tone remained even, flat, but it was still capable of making Dos’ hair stand on end.

In truth, Dos hadn’t intended to curse at Eugene; that was just the way he spoke. Now, though, Eugene was here looking for trouble, but he hadn’t been able to find it. Since Dos had offered his own head on a silver platter, Eugene couldn’t see the reason why not to take it.

The rest of The Quintets unconsciously took a step forward when they saw Dos being gripped by the neck.

Eugene’s grip on Dos’ neck tightened, while his cold gaze simply swept flippantly over the rest of them. It was like he had pressed a knife to their necks with that gaze. Instantly, the rest of The Quintets were rooted to the spot, their hearts clenching in their chests. Eugene was notorious for his cruel ways among their circles. Thus, no one wanted to lay a hand on him.

Seeing how Dos was about to suffocate from the strangulation, Jefe had no choice but to speak up. “Calm yourself, Mr. Nolan. Let Dos go first. He’s a rough-and-tumble man, and isn’t sophisticated with his words. Don’t stoop to his level. We may not be considered your friends, but we also have no wish to be your enemy. There is probably a misunderstanding here. Agreed?”

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