Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 512

Chapter 512 Standoff

Naturally, Eugene couldn’t really strangle Dos to death. Although he truly wanted to, he had to have a good reason in the first place. He couldn’t just take somebody’s life so wantonly.

He pushed Dos, who was almost half-dead, away. “You’re quite a reasonable person. I respect you for that.”

Dos was finally able to inhale some fresh oxygen. At the moment, he was taking big gulps of air. Back then, he felt his life flickering away when he closed his eyes. He almost thought that he was dead for sure.

Eugene pulled a chair over and sat down in a calm manner. Then, he looked at Jefe and said, “It’s late now. Why did you bring such a huge gang to my brother’s place at this hour? Are you here to pick a fight?”

Jefe smiled, yet there wasn’t a single hint of warmth. “Your brother kidnapped my brother.”

“You mean Tres?” asked Eugene.


Eugene took a puff of cigarette and admitted, “I gave that order.”

Jefe frowned as Eugene really did not have any conscience at all. How could Eugene have said that in such an arrogant manner after he kidnapped somebody else’s brother? Did Eugene even have any idea how impudent he was?

“Pray tell, how did my brother offend you, President Nolan?”

Eugene smirked. “Oh, he has already offended me multiple times. Firstly, your subordinate, Fatso, ordered Luca Matthews to ram his car into my girlfriend. Secondly, he ordered over a dozen people to rob her. What’s the matter? Aren’t you the leader of The Quintets? How could you not know about the disappearance of five of your members?”

Jefe was surprised that Eugene managed to get to the bottom of this matter. That was the first time they decided to go up against one of Eugene’s people. Hence, it was an extremely covert mission. They thought they could increase their chances of success if they found themselves a few more men. In addition to that, they murdered Luca so that he could not testify against them. If the other party were to investigate this matter, they could only link it to Robin and Aleena. In reality, Aleena was deported from the country. Hence, she became their scapegoat.

What in the world is going on now, though? How did he find out that it was all our doing?

“I… I don’t think it’s possible. Tres is an honest person, so how could he do something like that to your girlfriend? Is there a misunderstanding here?”

Eugene smirked and answered, “I don’t think your subordinates would accuse you wrongly, right?”

Jefe rolled his eyes. Then, he smiled and commented, “That is not necessarily true. Recently, we have been doing some ‘spring cleaning.’ We’ve weeded out most of the useless ones. I think somebody must be harboring some intention to frame us. May I know who your girlfriend is?”

Eugene looked at Jefe and smiled as well. “As expected of the leader of The Quintets! You are quite the smooth talker. My investigations have revealed that Tres have been out to get my girlfriend twice. Moreover, I have witnesses from amongst your group members and proof. If you think that I am framing him, then you are welcome to find the actual perpetrator and we can exchange hostages. I will give you one month. I will spare his life during this period. Alternatively, I can invite the police to investigate this matter as well. Let’s see how long would his sentence be for intentional murder.”

Brian was chuckling in his heart as he had to admit that his brother possessed the ability to annoy the light out of another person.

If Jefe wished to twist the facts, then his brother would not lose at this game. Moreover, Eugene even gave them a choice. At the same time, he was sending out a clear message that he wasn’t planning on releasing Tres. Go brother! Piss them off!

Jefe had always been a steadfast person. However, he became extremely pissed when he heard Eugene’s words.

“President Nolan, now you are the bully here. Tres never had any grudge against your girlfriend, so why would he do that to her? There is no reason for it. I feel that you should reinvestigate this matter.”

Eugene seemed to be enjoying the joke. He smirked and said, “Bullsh*t! What other reason would he have needed?”

The moment he said those words, Dos, who had just recovered from his ordeal, couldn’t help but curse, “You’re the one who’s bullsh*tting here!”

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