Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 513

Chapter 513 The Fight

Brian narrowed his eyes. “Perhaps you have forgotten your place!” With that, he gave Dos a hard kick. Although they were afraid of Eugene, they did not fear Brian, and even had a bone to pick with him.

Dos managed to avoid that kick. Following that, he retaliated. Cuatro and Cinco, who stood by the side, joined in the fray. On Brian’s side, Pele and the other bodyguard rushed into the fight as well.

Eugene did not stop them. He wouldn’t be satisfied until he had shown them his strengths. Jefe did not stop his subordinates as well, as he wished to test out the true extent of Eugene’s powers.

Everybody trembled with fear at the mention of Eugene, but nobody knew the true extent of his powers.

The more casual he looked, the more the others dared not act rashly.


Slowly, more people joined in the fight. In that instant, chaos descended upon the once quiet hall.

Dos tried to vent his anger toward Eugene on Brian. However, the more he wished for it, the more he failed to do so.

It wasn’t the first time he got into a fight with him.

For many years, they fought. However, there was no clear winner. Hence, he did not think much of Brian.

So, the moment Brian landed a punch on him, he was shocked. He lay there on the floor as he watched Brian towering above him in an arrogant manner. When did he get so powerful? thought Dos to himself.

The corners of Brian’s mouth curved upward into a mocking smile. Did he think that I’m still the same person as I was before?

Ever since he was cured by Olivia, he never had any more fainting episodes. Moreover, his stamina was enhanced as well.

Usually, he would feel tired after an hour of training. Now, three hours was nothing to him.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at him. “Why don’t you call out for help since your voice is so shrill? If yelling can solve the problem, then a donkey would rule the world. By then, you wouldn’t even have a place in this world.”

Dos was an impulsive man, and he would never take this lying down. “F*ck you, Brian! You better watch out!”

He endured the pain and got up from the ground unsteadily. Then, he tried to punch Brian.

In the end, he was kicked and sent flying before he even had the chance to land the punch.

Although Cuatro and Cinco did not lose, it wasn’t an easy battle for them either.

Naturally, without Jefe’s orders, his subordinates could not show their true colors. They were merely there to test the waters.

Although Jefe seemed indifferent, he was secretly weighing the outcome of the battle in his heart.

How could they escape with their tails in between them since they presented themselves in such an aggressive manner?

So, they could only do this to prove that they weren’t somebody one could easily trifle with.

However, after observing the fight, it seemed that his group was at the losing end here. Moreover, Tres was in their hands as well.

In addition to that, seeing Eugene’s calm demeanor, he knew that Eugene would never let Tres go no matter what he did.

Furthermore, Brian’s men were the only ones involved in this fight; Eugene’s men did not make their move yet.

So what good would that do for him if he were to prolong this battle?

He shouted toward his men amidst the cacophony, “Everybody stop! This is getting out of hand!”

The members of The Quintets exchanged glances and stopped the fight.

Eugene sneered. “What’s this? Why did you stop?”

Jefe said, “There is no reason to continue this fight. I have said before that I do not wish to become your enemy. It would be better for me to help you find the true perpetrator.”

Eugene smiled. “You’re wrong. You’re trying to help Tres by looking for evidence that would prove his innocence. You’re not helping me at all.”

Jefe replied, “Yes. That’s what I meant. During this period, I hope that you can fulfill your promise, and that is to spare his life.”

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