Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 514

Chapter 514 Cocky Brian

“Of course, if you’re still worried about it, it’s okay to let the police take over.” Upon hearing that, Jefe said with laughter, “It’s alright. I trust President Nolan.”

If the police ever took over the case, Tres would earn himself a death sentence with all that he did. As long as it was Eugene handling the case, there might be a way to save Tres.

Eugene suggested, “Maybe someone instructed Tres to do it. As long as you hand over the mastermind, I will release him.”

When Jefe heard that, he frowned slightly. Does he already have a clue? Nevertheless, he still calmly glanced at Eugene and replied, “Okay, it’s a deal. I’ll leave you alone now.”

Eugene nodded.

Soon, Jefe led a large group of people to leave the place. After making sure they left, Eugene turned around and looked at Brian. “Can’t you notify me before you do anything drastic?”

Brian snorted arrogantly upon hearing that. “No, because I can handle it without you.”

Knowing how ungrateful Brian was, Eugene barked, “You’re not as good as you think!”

If Eugene was late by a minute, the Blue Sky Tower would have turned into a bloodbath!

Brian did not like what Eugene had said. Although the two brothers’ misunderstanding was resolved, the bad relationship had formed years ago. Not only that, but Brian had been spoiled by Eugene for a long time.

Naturally, Brian was bitter when Eugene was giving him an earful. “Stop yelling at me every time we meet. And stop meddling in my affairs!”

Standing aside, Pele was nervous. He prayed that Eugene would not snitch on him since he was the one who informed Eugene to interfere. Otherwise, he would get an earful from Brian too.

Fortunately, Eugene didn’t say anything and just glared at Brian angrily. “Then, why are you interfering with my affairs?”

However, Brian proudly denied, “What do you mean? Tres offended me, and he was an eyesore to me. It’s not related to you!”

With that answer, Eugene took a deep breath and decided not to deal with his immature behavior. “Where’s Tres?”

Now Brian was exasperated. “I caught him myself. Why should I hand him to you?”

Upon hearing that, Eugene frowned slightly. “The Quintets just left empty-handed. They’ll definitely find a chance to make a comeback soon.”

Brian harrumphed, “Let them come at me, then! I ain’t scared of them!”

Shaking his head, Eugene raised his voice. “Sure, but I’m afraid of them, okay? If you mess it up, how can I ever explain this to our mother?”

Brian glared at Eugene. “I lived well even without your meddling for a decade!”

Eugene pursed his lips and cursed him silently. Listen here, you piece of work. If it weren’t for me, you would have died countless times. Now, you have the nerve to act all cocky in front of me?!

“Fine, I’ll tell Olivia that you caught the mastermind. I’ll even let her cook you noodles as a reward!”

When Brian heard that, his face brightened. In a moment, he instinctively wanted to argue that he never did this for Olivia, but on second thought, it seemed nice. If Olivia knew what he had done, she might give him a call to thank him personally. Of course, it’d be better if she could cook a bowl of noodles for him too.

For a short while, Brian could not find the words to argue. It was clear that Eugene was so predictable, and it didn’t feel nice. “What nonsense are you talking about? I didn’t arrest Tres for Olivia! I did that because I have a grudge against Tres!”

Eugene glanced at him coolly. “You mean I don’t have to tell Olivia that you caught him?”

Upon hearing that, Brian stayed silent. He did that on purpose, didn’t he?

Still, he awkwardly and arrogantly said, “I mean, I know Tres better than you. I will definitely get the answer out from him earlier than you.”

A resigned Eugene laughed. “Okay, I’ll let you handle the questioning.”

Then, he commanded the people behind him, “Andrew, you stay here with your team to assist Brian.”

In response, a tall man stood up and answered, “Yes, Mr. Nolan!”

Brian said, “It’s alright. I have my own team.”

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