Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 516

Chapter 516 Angry Director

Alex stayed silent. He just had to rub salt into my wound. Eugene was smiling while he was eating. He said casually, “I even planned to have my girlfriend let you join a mixer to socialize around. But then I think… you don’t need me anymore!”

Alex continued to stay silent. Damn you, Eugene! You sure know to hit where it hurts! “No, bro! You’re my bro! You have to help me!” Upon seeing his reaction, Eugene asked, “What for?”

Alex answered, “Help me score a girl!” Despite his plea, Eugene said indifferently, “You sound desperate, you know?” Right now, Alex didn’t even care for his pride. “I need a woman to come at me!”

Before Alex said that, Eugene was sipping his water. But then he coughed violently upon hearing him say that. At once, Eugene gave him a stern look. “Why do you make it sound so dirty when all you want is just a girlfriend?”

Alex couldn’t help laughing. “I mean to say that she can just find me if she has trouble. How is it dirty? You must have a dirty mind to think that I’m talking dirty!”

After calming down, Eugene rolled his eyes at Alex. “Then you should treat me with respect. I may or may not be able to help you to score a girl. But feel free if you want to destroy the opportunity yourself.” Then, he cocked an eyebrow at him, showing his arrogance.

Alex stayed silent yet again.

Meanwhile, at the set.

Olivia was getting in her element the more she acted. On the other hand, Summer was not in the zone. Today, she needed to reshoot a scene a dozen times as not even one take was accepted by the director.

Finally, Director Norris had enough. He pointed at Summer and yelled, “What the hell are you doing? You have been making the same mistakes five times! What’s wrong with you? Can you even act properly? If you can’t, then leave!”

After that, he threw the script on the ground.

The assistant director next to him was trying to cool him down. “Please calm down, Director Norris. We should let everyone take a rest to let them adjust their senses. We can continue shooting after that.”

Despite the suggestion, Director Norris was still mad. He pointed at Summer and scolded, “How dare you call yourself an A-list actor with that crude acting skill! You must’ve paid a great sum for the followers and trending searches on Twitter!” After that, he got up and walked away.

After the outburst from the director, everyone exchanged glances and started whispering.

“Well, now. Summer had it tough.”

“Director Norris really did a number on her.”

“Can’t blame him. Every take is another money wasted. After a dozen takes, anyone would be furious!”

Of course, there were also some people who would flatter Summer, and they hurried over to comfort her.

“Miss Summer, are you feeling alright? Are you in a bad mood?”

“Actually, I think your performance is good enough. Maybe there’s a different interpretation to the script as I feel that there’s no problem for you to act like that!”

“I know, right? Director Norris wanted you to cry with stubbornness. Why can’t the tears be sad?”

On the other hand, Olivia would never add insult to injury, nor was she the type of person who would give adulation. Based on Summer’s performance today, she could understand why Director Norris was so angry.

After all, although Little Seven was used to being pampered by her elder sisters, she still had her temper.

But Summer ruined her character by making her a useless cloudcuckoolander!

With anger, Olivia pulled Jewel away. “Let’s go and get something nice to eat.”

Everyone was on a diet to keep themselves in shape. Since Olivia had no problem keeping herself in shape, she just ate whatever she felt like at the moment.

As soon as they left, Summer also returned to the lounge. She was so upset that she couldn’t even listen to the flattery.

Last night, she told John that she was being bullied by Olivia. Summer hoped that John would get revenge for her, but instead, John said to her that she should lie low and not cause him any more trouble.

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