Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 517

Chapter 517 Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands

Summer was disheartened. When Kate bullied her, John decided to drop the case as Kate was Jasper’s friend. And then, Olivia strangled her, leaving a red mark on Summer’s neck. Even so, he didn’t care.

In the past, John had never been this apathetic. Whenever Summer was being bullied, he would help her get even with the bullies. But why couldn’t he do the same now?

What did Summer mean to John? When Sylvia noticed that Summer was getting gloomier, she cautiously said, “Miss Summer, please calm down. You don’t have to take Director Norris’ words to heart. It was not your finest hour; everyone has them at different times.”

Upon hearing that, Summer snorted. It was all Olivia’s fault that I was in a bad state. Now even John is useless to me. In that case, I shall take matters into my own hands! Then, Summer looked at Sylvia and said, “Sylvia, please run an errand for me later.”

Facing an unusual request, Sylvia asked in surprise, “Miss Summer, what’s the matter?”

A sinister smile appeared on Summer’s lips. “Didn’t you always want to thank Olivia? Then get two cups of milk tea for Olivia and Jewel.”

At that request, Sylvia looked at Summer in disbelief. In Sylvia’s eyes, Summer was not that easy-going. “Miss Summer, what do you mean?”

Sighing, Summer said, “We are not the same person. Olivia is a powerful figure, and she could help with your career if you have a good relationship with her.”

Sylvia was a little embarrassed. “But Miss Summer, I am only loyal to you.”

After that, Summer took Sylvia’s hand and said warmly, “I know. But it will do me some good if you are friendly with Olivia. Remember yesterday? If both of you are friends, you can easily speak to her.”

Looking at Summer’s gentle face, Sylvia felt a chill run up her spine. Soft Summer horrified Sylvia even more than when Summer was scolding her.

“Miss Summer, please don’t tease me. I have been following you for more than a year. I know your true self, and I have sworn my loyalty to you.”

Upon hearing that, Summer sullenly glared at Sylvia. “What’s the matter with you? Isn’t this what you hoped for? You said you have been following me for more than a year, right? I treat you as my sister. Sometimes, my temper is horrendous, but I still treat you well enough. I had mixed feelings after I saw the relationship between Summer and Jewel. I told myself that I can’t be selfish, as it is your right to befriend anyone you wish. As such, it wouldn’t feel forced if you buy milk tea for them, and it can be a little token of your appreciation.”

After the speech, Sylvia was moved, and she almost burst into tears. Miss Summer truly meant well.

Sylvia answered happily, “Right, I’ll go now.”

Then, she was about to leave.

“Wait for a second—”

Before Sylvia could leave, Summer stopped her again.

In confusion, Sylvia asked, “Is there anything else?”

Summer answered with a smile, “Get four cups. We should enjoy some too!”


Sylvia happily responded and left.

On the other hand, the gentleness and smile were no longer seen on Summer’s face.

“Olivia Maxwell, let’s see if you can still be cocky soon.”

Soon, Sylvia came back with four cups of milk tea. She placed one of them on Summer’s table and then said with a smile, “Miss Summer, this is for you, and it’s taro milk tea.”

Summer took it. “Thank you. Since you’re back, can you get me some food? You can give Olivia and Jewel the milk tea after that.”

Sylvia didn’t think much and answered happily, “Okay.” After that, she placed all the milk tea on the table, turned around, and left the lounge.

With the opportunity, Summer immediately stood up when the lounge door was closed. Then, she took out two packs of laxatives that she had prepared this morning and poured the contents into Olivia and Jewel’s milk tea. After that, she gently shook it before closing the lids.

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