Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 518

Chapter 518 Problematic Milk Tea

When Sylvia came back, there was no trace of evidence left behind. Summer took the lunch box from Sylvia. “Okay, leave it to me. Do you want to deliver the milk tea now or eat first?”

In response, Sylvia answered, “I’ll deliver it now.” Then, she took two cups of milk tea from the cabinet and went to the shared lounge.

At this time, everyone went away to get their lunch. There were only Olivia and Jewel left in the lounge. Sylvia walked in with a smile and said, “Miss Maxwell, Miss Fenton. This is the milk tea I bought for you. Thank you for saving my face yesterday and that you were cool with Miss Summer.”

Upon hearing that, Olivia and Jewel both had surprise in their eyes. “It’s okay, you’re welcome. You don’t have to treat us to milk tea, so you can keep it for yourself!” Olivia answered.

Sylvia put down the milk tea and said, “I already bought my own serving. These are for you. Thank you for defending me from Miss Summer last time. Miss Summer has a bad temper, but she’s actually kind! In fact, she let me deliver the milk tea to you. I hope you are not mad at her.”

Olivia exchanged glances with Jewel calmly. Summer let her deliver the milk tea? When did Summer become that generous?

Then, Olivia smiled and said, “It’s alright. We’re a team, after all. I won’t be mad at her, and you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Thank you so much! Miss Maxwell and Miss Fenton, hurry up and enjoy the milk tea. It’ll get cold soon. I’ll take my leave now.” After that, Sylvia left like a little swallow.

Olivia looked at the milk tea and immediately pushed them aside.

At the same time, Jewel sent her a private message. ‘Do you suspect there is something wrong with the milk tea?’

Olivia said, “Yes. I’d accept wholeheartedly if this is the assistant’s idea, but Summer’s the one who planned this. Summer would never be this kind.”

‘That’s what the assistant has said if we can believe her,’ Jewel replied.

In response, Olivia raised her eyebrows. “Better be safe than sorry!”

Jewel laughed as she agreed with Olivia.

So neither of them drank the milk tea.

As soon as Sean came back with his lunch box, he saw Olivia throwing two cups of milk tea into the trash can.

“W-W-Wait, stop! What are you doing?”

Olivia was taken aback by the sudden interruption. She replied, “Throwing them away.”

Upon hearing that, Sean frowned. “Why? Why would you throw them away? It cost at least 10 bucks per cup! If you don’t want it, let me have it instead.” Then, he snatched the packaging from Olivia’s hand.

Nervously, Olivia gulped as she did not know how to make him give up the milk tea.

Without concrete evidence, Olivia couldn’t tell Sean that the milk tea was problematic and convince him to not drink it.

What if she was wrong?

So, Olivia simply did not stop Sean.

As a result, when Sean saw Eric coming back, he took the initiative to hand him another cup. “Here you go. It’s Olivia’s treat!”

Olivia had her mouth twitching. “It’s not me. Sylvia sent this to me. Jewel and I just had our lunch, so we were too full to drink them…”

Then, Sean said, “Next time, let us have everything you can’t finish. What a waste to simply throw them away.”

Olivia stayed silent. She thought that Sean had a knack for getting free food from others.

So the two grown men finished the two cups of milk tea.

After the meal, the director urged them to resume the shooting. After all, the progress was delayed, which explained his impatient attitude.

When Summer walked out of her lounge, she deliberately glanced at Olivia. Imagining that Olivia would have her worst moment any minute now, Summer felt much better.

The scene in which she had trouble earlier only took one take to pass.

Still, Director Norris was not happy. He then instructed, “Prepare for the next scene.”

In the next scene, Margot—played by Olivia—teamed up with Little Seven to cause trouble in Heavenly Court during the wedding. Jack was on the set too, so it was an all-star cast.

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