Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 519

Chapter 519 “Action!”

As soon as the director shouted ‘action’ as the cue to begin rolling, Olivia went into character and pointed her finger at Sean, with her gaze firmly fixed on him. “Chad Newman. Have you already forgotten the promise you made to me back in Fox Den? About how you pledged your undying love to my sister?

I won’t go so far as to claim my sister is someone with great beauty; however, she is the pride and joy of our family. I will never allow her to go through such injustice. You’ll have to decide right now: marry my sister or this woman in front of you.”

Chad wore a face of agony. He took a glance at the Heavenly Emperor—who was seated on the Dragon Throne—and another glance at the crying Little Seven. “I… I…”

Olivia narrowed her eyes at his indecisiveness. “Can’t make a decision, can you? What a filial son you are! Looks like it is the way of the Heavenly Court to renege on one’s word and bite the hand that feeds them! Hear me! With everyone here as witnesses, I declare right now that my sister, Little Seven, will no longer have anything to do with you! I’ll break both your legs should you dare set foot in Fox Den looking for her ever again!”

After her declaration, she was about to escort Little Seven home when they were called out by Jack walking toward them from the crowd. “Wait, I’m going with you two.”

Still filled with anger about the current situation, Olivia retorted at the man in front of her, “Why are you coming with us?”

With a smile laced with hints of satire, he replied, “I’m afraid that I’ll pick up some bad habits if I continue to be here.”

The moment he saw the three of them leaving the scene, Chad shouted abruptly to stop them. “Wait—”

He then immediately turned around and kneeled in front of the figure seated on the Dragon Throne. “Heavenly Emperor, I do not wish to be wedded to Zyana, for the person I like is Little Seven. Please give our relationship your blessing!”

However, before Chad could finish reciting his script, he grabbed his stomach and had a pained expression.

It was then Director Norris yelled out ‘Cut!’ in frustration and anger.

“Chad! What is with your expression? If we don’t know any better, it’s like you’ve been poisoned by someone!”

Chad stood up in a hurry. While walking away, he explained, “Director, my stomach doesn’t feel good. I need to go to the restroom now.”

The actor playing Jack Newman, Eric, was also walking toward the restroom with his hands over his stomach.

Director Norris froze in anger with his face drained of all colors. All he could think was that they were not keeping up with their set schedule at all!

Olivia and Jewel exchanged looks. They both had the same thoughts—that it was highly probable for that milk tea to be the cause of what was happening to the two actors.

Summer, on the other hand, was surprised by the development. She laced the drinks with laxatives that were clearly meant for Olivia and Jewel. How was it that they were fine while the other two men were the ones running for the restroom?

She went over and whispered to Sylvia, “Did you properly deliver the milk teas to Olivia and Jewel?”

Sylvia gave a suspicious look at Summer before nodding in affirmation. “Yeah, I did.”

Summer was puzzled. Could it be that Olivia and Jewel gave their drinks to Sean and Eric instead?

With the two actors preoccupied in the restroom, they had no other choice but to wait for their return to resume the shoot.

Everyone thought that the two actors would return after a while, yet there were still no signs of them returning even after 30 minutes had passed.

As Director Norris was boiling with anger, he roared, “What’s taking them so long? Go check on them!”

The assistant immediately heeded the director’s order and ran toward the restroom to check on the actors.

The assistant returned shortly after. “Director Norris, it looks like they have eaten something bad. They’ve been having diarrhea nonstop the moment they were in the restroom.”

Director Norris frowned at the report. “Diarrhea? Both at the same time? What did the two of them eat?”

The assistant answered, “They said they had the same boxed meal just like everyone else and hadn’t eaten anything else!”

Director Norris turned suspicious. Since everyone had the same meal as the other two, why were they the only ones suffering from diarrhea?

Before the director could gather his thoughts together, a woman’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “That’s not right. They also drank the milk teas given to them by Olivia.”

It was the voice of Leslie Tanner, the actress playing Zyana.

Leslie loved flattering Summer. She knew that there was bad blood between Summer and Olivia, which was why she had intentionally given that information to the director in an attempt to curry favor with Summer.

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