Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 520

Chapter 520 Suspicion

The moment Summer heard what Leslie had to say, she looked at Leslie and instantly thought up a scheme. “Then we should test whether the problem is indeed the milk teas. If it is true, then we’ll have to blacklist that shop from now on.”

Leslie understood what was implied when Summer looked at her, which led to Leslie becoming much more eager to please. “Even so, that doesn’t mean that fault lies with the shop that sold the drinks. Isn’t there the possibility of someone adding something into the drinks after buying them?”

The people around them started to nod, as though in agreement with the theory. Coincidentally, every one of them turned their eyes to Olivia.

With a chilling look in her eyes, Jewel was about to walk over to Leslie but was held back by Olivia. “Jewel, can you bring me my black bag inside the locker of the lounge?”

Jewel nodded then left the area.

It was only after Jewel was sent away that Olivia turned her attention to Leslie. “Are you implying that I’ve added something else into the drinks?”

Leslie slyly deflected her question. “I never said it was you, but you indeed gave them the drinks. Everyone in the lounge room at that time can be a witness to that.”

Olivia then turned her attention to the crowd. “Then did anyone else see me handing the drinks to Sean and Eric?”

Leslie replied, “Of course. Vivian, tell them what you saw.”

Saying that, Leslie pulled another one of the actresses while giving her some sort of look, as though she was implying that if they played their cards right, they would be able to be in the grace of Summer!

Vivian Houston took a glance at Summer and then at Olivia. She struggled internally with what to say before finally telling the truth. “Olivia didn’t give the drinks to them; she had wanted to dispose of them initially. It was Sean and Eric that took the drinks from her themselves! A-And… Olivia had said that it was Sylvia who gave the drinks to her!”

The moment Summer heard what Vivian said, her expression immediately turned furious as she glared at Vivian wrathfully.

That useless woman.

With a panicked look, Sylvia immediately clarified, “But I didn’t add anything to the drinks.”

Summer comforted Sylvia. “Don’t worry, Sylvia. Since you’re not at fault, there’s no way they’ll be able to frame you for this. Some people have the habit of finding someone to take the fall for their misdeeds here. They are the same kind of people that won’t appreciate the kindness and sincerity that you’ve shown them!”

Olivia sneered, “Those that display an unexpected show of affection usually have their own agenda. Sylvia, the question you should be answering is whether you had directly brought the drinks to me the moment you bought them from the shop. If you had made a stop between that, then you would have to consider where you left the drinks alone, and who would have the opportunity to add something extra to the drinks. After all, those drinks were originally meant for me and Jewel!”

As soon as Olivia voiced her suspicion, Sylvia glanced over at Summer and immediately looked away. She knew exactly where she had left the drinks unattended. Her body then shivered in response to the conclusion she had come to in her mind.

She fully understood Summer’s character. It was out of Summer’s character when she asked Sylvia to get Olivia and Jewel milk teas.

At the time, Summer had told Sylvia so many sentimental things, such as how Summer saw her as a sister, or that she was envious of the interaction between Jewel and Olivia. Sylvia had taken the bait because she had desperately wished for Summer to warm up to her.

What a farce! She had only said all those things just to use me!

If it wasn’t for Eric and Sean drinking those milk teas, then Olivia and Jewel would be the ones in the restroom right now. Should that happen, no doubt Sylvia would have become the prime suspect.

She wouldn’t even be afforded the chance to defend herself by then.

Summer would have just thrown Sylvia aside!

Summer was treating her as a disposable pawn right from the start!

Now that Sylvia thought back on it, she realized that it made sense why she was told to get the boxed meal first. It was all for creating the opportunity for Summer to add something to the unattended drinks.

What a terrifying woman.

She had never met another who was as vile as Summer.

Summer, afraid that Sylvia would give her up, hugged Sylvia in a hurry. In anger, she then pointed her finger at Olivia. “Olivia, what are you trying to say? Are you trying to shift the blame onto my people? If you want to hurt me, then just go for me instead. Don’t take it out on Sylvia.”

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