The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 166-170 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 166-170)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 166

Charlie Wade responded coldly, “That is your lifeline. Jack is using all the virtues as well as good deeds that you have actually built up in your lifetime, and also he is compromising your life in exchange for the lives of the rest of the Quinton family participants!”

Graham was surprised when he listened to Charlie Wade’s words. He froze in position since he was entirely shocked.

Adam was likewise worrying right now as he looked at the people around them.

Every one of the masters that existed responded a little as they witnessed this scene. Graham will certainly not live for greater than three days.

Adam stooped on the ground prior to he pled Jack, “Mr. Yaleman! Please, please save my 2nd uncle’s life!”

At this time, Jack looked at Adam with an arrogant expression on his face as he sneered and also stated, “I have currently used my magic to appease the wicked spirit. You ought to be thanking me right currently.”

Aurora turned pale immediately as she bit her reduced lip. After assuming momentarily, she stooped down before Charlie Wade and also stated, “Please, Mr. Wade. Please help my father …”.

Charlie Wade eyed her prior to he replied indifferently, “Because the Quinton family members selected to count on Mr. Yaleman instead of me, after that this has nothing to do with me any longer. Why should I help you currently?”.

Aurora’s eyes were red as she can not stop crying at this time. She gritted her teeth and also said, “Mr. Wade, if you conserve my father, I promise to satisfy any type of demands you have …”.

Charlie Wade laughed before he replied, “I have absolutely nothing that I want from you …”.

Right now, Graham also ran over to Charlie Wade and stooped down before him as he cried, “Mr. Wade, I’m sorry I was blinded. Adam was the one indoctrination me …”.

After that, Graham dragged Adam over to him before providing him a limited slap across the face.

Adam quickly dodged and also relocated aside prior to he might offer him an additional slap.

Out of desperation, Aurora clinched Charlie Wade’s legs as she begged, “Mr. Wade, please save my dad. Please assist him …”.

At this time, Charlie Wade sighed before he responded, “Okay, you can get up currently. Absolutely nothing is going to take place to him currently.”.

Graham was skeptical and he held the stun talisman that he was using over his neck in his hand prior to he claimed, “Is this amulet working?”.

Charlie Wade responded prior to he claimed, “Yes, have a look at your hand. The red line needs to be fading quickly as a result of the talisman. Mr. Yaleman requires to attempt more challenging to beat the power of my amulet.”.

Graham checked out his arm and he saw that the red line had dimmed a little and also it was gradually fading away. He was satisfied presently as well as he swiftly said, “Thanks. Thanks, Mr. Wade. If it wasn’t for you today, I would have …”.

Charlie Wade waved his hand as well as stated, “You are fortunate that you came here with the stun amulet on you today. Or else, there is absolutely nothing I would be able to do for you either.”.

After he was done speaking, Charlie Wade turned around as well as checked out Jack prior to he stated, “The outcome is noticeable currently. Aren’t you going to admit defeat?”.

After understanding the situation, Adam lastly came to Charlie Wade and stooped down before him before he apologized to him without claiming anything else.

Jack’s face transformed blue as well as he glared at Charlie Wade prior to he claimed, “Exactly how can you say that you’ve won just because of that talisman? Do you recognize that I really wanted to spare your life but it seems as though you are extremely persistent and also relentless? I am providing you one last chance to live. I will certainly let you off today if you hand the clam over to me as well as stoop down as well as say sorry to me now!”.

Jack did not intend to play his last card but given that Charlie Wade had already defeated him, he had no other choice but to do so. Or else, the reception that he intended today would certainly be all for absolutely nothing.

However, as soon as he were to play his last card, everyone here might die if he can not manage his powers completely!

Right now, Charlie Wade stared at him prior to he said, “And also suppose I decline to do so?”.

” You’ve forced me to do this!” Jack stated as he secured a black porcelain jar from package next to him as quickly as he was done speaking.

A few mosquitoes flew out of the church prior to they instantly pounced on the meat on the table prior to they began chewing on the meat.

Jasmine was very unconvinced as she claimed, “This … is Mr. Yaleman increasing insects?”.

Every person saw as the mosquitoes proceeded pouncing on the meat. They located this scene extremely strange and also strange. All the masters had no suggestion what was taking place as well as they could only murmur amongst themselves.

Within a few secs, the meat that had actually been consumed by the black mosquitoes suddenly transformed shade and many smaller black insects started arising from the meat!

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 167

In less than 5 mins, all the fresh meals on the table had actually already transformed rotten and also numerous black insects started emerging from the rotten food.

There was a fowl that the White family had actually increased since it was a chick in the White family yard.

A couple of black mosquitoes flew to the rooster at an extremely fast speed. After less than ten secs, the fowl began howling as it waved its wings desperately. After that, it was up to the ground as well as began convulsing up until it dropped dead.

Within a couple of secs, several big black mosquitoes began arising from the feathers of the dead rooster.

Currently, the black mosquitoes were densely packed in the sky as they hurried towards the crowd of individuals like a whirlwind.

It was extremely chaotic in the courtyard as the group of individuals attempted seriously to avoid the black insects, as not only were the black mosquitoes extremely toxic but they could additionally get in a person’s flesh through a wound on the skin.

Despite the fact that the insects were really tiny as it was just the size of a grain of sand, their bites were extremely uncomfortable.

The person attacked by the black mosquitoes would certainly remain in extreme pain as well as their skin would begin swelling promptly.

Currently, all the masters in the courtyard began making use of all of their magic skills to do away with the mosquitoes. A few of them were also throwing away amulets and also talismans as they chanted some concepts.

Some individuals hid under the table while numerous others jumped into the pool to avoid the mosquitoes.

” What is this?” Jasmine asked as she was utterly shocked currently.

“These mosquitoes have actually been elevated from the corpse of a child! I really would not have anticipated Mr. Yaleman to increase this kind of dangerous point!”.

Jack laughed prior to he claimed, “These mosquitoes are elevated from the remains of a dead fetus! Given that you reject to show me any regard, then I will instruct all of you a lesson today!”.

The number of black mosquitoes continued raising and right now, the body of one of the old men that was bitten by the mosquitoes began swelling as well as expanding prior to he went down to the ground.

The black mosquitoes filled up the sky and Jasmine was also flustered at this moment.

However, when Jasmine reversed, she realized that there were no insects around Charlie Wade whatsoever!

As quickly as the black mosquitoes approached Charlie Wade, they would promptly become black coal, as though they had actually simply run into something incredibly scary!

Right now, Charlie Wade sneered as he strolled towards Jack without running into any type of barriers. He was also holding a white clam covering in his hand.

This was the Thundering Order that he had exercised previously!

The shell talisman showed a faint light with a tip of thunder bordering it.

Jack was stunned when he saw Charlie Wade and also he exclaimed in shock. “Why are you … no, what is happening? Just how is this possible?”.

Charlie Wade appeared to be covered in a halo right now and also it appeared as though he was sent by god.

This is completely impossible! Jack yelled as he gazed at Charlie Wade.

Charlie Wade sneered as he looked at Jack. “Do you actually think you are undefeatable? I will show you what true power is today!”.

Immediately afterwards, Charlie Wade yelled, “Rumbling!”.

As quickly as his voice fell, there was a loud audio.


Within a few seconds, there was a loud thunderbolt from the skies and black clouds all of a sudden began piling up overhead that was clear previously.

In the blink of an eye, the whole skies was covered in dark clouds!

” This!” Finn searched for at the skies as well as he was as well shocked to even talk.

Everyone, including Jasmine, had the exact same expression on their faces.

Graham can just murmur, “Wonder. This is a wonder!”.

In the following second, lightning unexpectedly obliterated from the skies!

” Pop!”.

The lightning struck the insects immediately and a multitude of mosquitoes counted on coal at this time.

The tables as well as chairs split in half, trees dropped, as well as there was a strong burning odor airborne.

Charlie Wade stalled with his hands at the side of his body and he was looking at Jack with a cold expression on his face as lightning flashed around his body as though he was a god that was descending to earth!

At this time, a solid wind blew past the courtyard as rain started dropping as well as cleaning the courtyard clean.

A couple of seconds later on, the crowd of individuals lastly reclaimed their senses as they started seeking shelter out of fear that they would certainly be struck by lightning.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 168

” No, no! He, he is not human! He is a god!”.

” No, do not allow the lightning strike me! I will certainly stoop down and say sorry to Mr. Wade instantly.”.

” Assist me. I was wrong!”.

A few of the guests got down on their knees as they started bowing before Charlie Wade.

Graham was frozen in position from shock.

The lightning just struck the black insects, transforming them into coal without harming any person at all.

Currently, Jack was very surprised as well as terrified!

He would certainly never have pictured that Charlie Wade would certainly have such significant powers!

He was only an ant compared to Charlie Wade!

If he was supported the savage lightning, he would definitely drop dead in seconds!

Jack started stressing at this time. He quickly got up prior to he clambered to run away out of the yard.

” Are you trying to get away?”.

Charlie Wade grinned as he stretched his hand towards the skies as well as said, “Thunder, fall!”.


Right now, thunder roared and also lightning struck the black porcelain container in Jack’s hand as he fell to the ground instantly.

Jack can really feel severe discomfort in his hands and he was so terrified that he might just shudder as he asked for his life.

” Mr. Wade … Master … please extra my life.”.

Charlie Wade looked at Jack with a cool view on his face as he walked towards him, detailed.

” How could you make use of remains magic from a dead unborn child? Do you recognize that this is truly destructive to the globe? I can’t think that you can in fact be so corrupt! This is an unforgivable crime!”.

” The devil ought to be punished by the heavens! I am penalizing you using thunder and lightning today! Do you accept your punishment?”.

Jack might only look at Charlie Wade with his mouth wide open at this time. He can not say anything. Jack can only enjoy the thunder and lightning overhead blinking among the dark clouds as he held back his pain and sadness. It appeared as though it was already the end of his life …

Why? Why existed such a terrifying presence in Aurouss Hilll? Why did he have to bark up the incorrect tree?


Before Jack might even understand the domino effect, numerous lightning strikes hit Jack continually.

Jack, who was conceited and aggressive, was struck to the ground before he can even howl.

At this time, his human form was no longer noticeable as well as he was entirely burnt. A revolting burning scent permeated the courtyard.

” Stop the rainfall and also the winds!”.

Charlie Wade waved his hands as well as the electrical storm quit amazingly. A gust of wind blew with the courtyard and also swept away the smell of the burnt corpse in the middle of the yard.

Charlie Wade had a tranquil expression on his face, as though absolutely nothing took place whatsoever.

Everybody in the yard had their mouths wide open in shock.

If Charlie Wade had actually chosen to strike him with lightning, he would certainly have been dead a long time back. He finally understood that Charlie Wade’s poise and also mercy was the reason he was still to life.

” Mr. Wade, you … you are a god!”.

Graham’s voice trembled as he stooped to the ground as well as began worshipping Charlie Wade.

At this time, Zeke was so frightened that he rapidly stooped to the ground before he began bowing down in front of Charlie Wade.

” Mr. Wade, please forgive me. I was so obsessed with Mr. Yaleman that I didn’t understand what I was doing … I am sorry for every little thing that I’ve said and also done. Please forgive me, Mr. Wade. I will certainly do anything that you ask me to from this factor onwards. Please feel free to offer me your orders …”.

Charlie Wade eyed him any which way and he strolled previous Zeke without even turning back.

At this time, Finn suddenly said in a respectful way, “I believe that Mr. Wade should be the leader of the metaphysics circle from now on! From now on, every person in the Newton metaphysics circle will certainly comply with Mr. Wade’s instructions and also assistance!”.

Everyone was defending the placement of the leader of the metaphysics circle just a short while ago. None of the visitors had any type of arguments right currently. They were all convinced as well as they agreed with Finn’s pointer immediately.

” Yes, Mr. Wade, please overview everyone in Aurouss Hilll!”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 169

Everyone had been fighting for the management placement with their lives previously yet today, all of them were eager for Charlie Wade to lead the whole metaphysics circle in Aurouss Hilll and also even the Newton area. None of the guests had any arguments whatsoever as they have all been totally encouraged by Charlie Wade’s abilities.

They have actually never ever seen anybody else like Charlie Wade who could command divine thunder and lightning with just one word!

This was without a doubt the realm of metaphysics. Charlie Wade had supernatural power beyond every person’s creativity!

When they checked out Jack, who was resting on the ground after being blistered by lightning, they recognized that Charlie Wade’s powers as well as strength were indecipherable. They desired Charlie Wade to be their leader so he can lead and also provide them the ideal recommendations as well as advice.

Charlie Wade frowned prior to he claimed, “I am not a participant of the metaphysics circle and also I do not normally examine Feng Shui. I am additionally not really interested in metaphysics. As a result, I hope you’ll allow Finn to lead and also lead you in the future instead.”.

Everyone’s mouth dropped wide open in shock as soon as Charlie Wade spoke.

He had already stunned them completely with the thunder and lightning earlier and also Charlie Wade was actually stating that he had no rate of interest in Feng Shui or metaphysics in all? He was not a member of the metaphysics circle?

So, did Charlie Wade summon the thunder and lightning merely because he had temporary rate of interest in metaphysics?


Utter respect!

The crowd of individuals was silent currently as they traded glimpses with each other.

Right now, Finn eyed Charlie Wade with a hesitant view his face as he said in a respectful manner, “It is without a doubt a terrific honor to share the fears on your behalf, Mr. Wade. From now on, I will most definitely take good care of all the participants in the metaphysics circle. I will ensure to take care of all the small matters on my very own yet I will most definitely ask for your guidance on any major issues, Mr. Wade.”.

The environment was much more relaxed and at this point, the richest guy in Lancaster, Travis, unexpectedly walked towards Charlie Wade as he said pleasantly, “Mr. Wade, I wish to thank you for what you have actually done for all of us today. I would certainly like to offer you an eighty million buck incentive as a token of my appreciation.”.

Matthew also stepped forward to say thanks to Charlie Wade even though he was still feeling really self-conscious. “Thanks, Mr. Wade, for helping to divert damage away from us. From now on, anybody under my care will also be respectful towards you!”.

” We will definitely obey your commands!”.

The crowd of individuals did not want to be left when they saw both men progression to say thanks to Charlie Wade. They flattered Charlie Wade, offered to get him supper, as well as some of them even offered to give him some cash money rewards.

Finn likewise claimed, “The White family members has currently promised to sponsor a total amount of one hundred as well as fifty million bucks for every one of the champions at the reception today. Considering that you are the utmost winner, I believe that this cash reward need to normally be granted to you, Mr. Wade.”.

Zeke was still stooping on the ground as he did not dare to stand up whatsoever. Right now, he fast said, “Mr. Wade, I am sorry for turning nose up at you as well as sustaining the bad guy rather. I have actually nearly caused harm to all the other visitors here today. I really hope that you will certainly have the ability to forgive me!”.

Charlie Wade frowned before he stated, “Mr. White, really did not you have complete trust in Mr. Yaleman before this?”.

Zeke rapidly decreased his head before he replied, “Mr. Wade, I was totally blinded by Mr. Yaleman! I understand that he is absolutely nothing even more than an insect in front of the real master now!

Afterwards, Zeke continued talking, “Mr. Wade, in order to show you exactly how sorry I am, I would love to give you a rental property as a present. I will certainly pass you the secret to the vacation home as quickly as I send out someone to clean the place up for you! Please accept my gift as well as forgive me for my activities, Mr. Wade!”.

” A vacation home?”.

Charlie Wade can just frown as he thought of it.

A rental property was nothing much to him.

It would certainly be unacceptable for him to acquire the vacation home on his own as he would not have any means to describe the resource of the funds to Claire Wilson Wilson.

So, why should he refuse the offer if somebody wanted to offer him a rental property?

Nevertheless, his family was currently staying in an old and also run down home. It would certainly be great for them to live in a better atmosphere.

Despite the fact that Zeke was a little inhuman, it seemed as though he was really repentant as well as he really felt extremely guilty and also sorry.

Charlie Wade responded before he said, “Alright after that, I will certainly approve your present. Nonetheless, please remember that I will certainly not allow you off so easily ought to something like this happen once again in the future.”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 170

Zeke was overjoyed and he clasped his hands with each other as he gave thanks to Charlie Wade. “Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Wade. I will definitely reflect on myself and I promise this will certainly never occur once more!”

” Okay.” Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction.

Afterwards, Charlie Wade checked out Graham that was still in shock at this time.

Charlie Wade asked him in a faint way, “So, Graham, inform me. Did you actually believe that I lied to you to ensure that I could cheat the Quinton family members of your cash?”

I was just puzzled for a minute but I’ve never ever shed self-confidence in you, Mr. Wade. Please forgive me, Mr. Wade!”

After he spoke, Graham ordered Adam by his collar before he yelled, “A * shole! Stoop down and apologize to Mr. Wade now!”

Adam was currently shivering in concern right now. As quickly as Graham yelled at him, Adam knelt down prior to Charlie Wade as well as he began trembling as he asked forgiveness. “Mr. Wade, please forgive me! I actually did not indicate to question you or cause any type of trouble for you. I did not intentionally do it …”.

Graham trembled his head prior to he put Adam a number of times up until his cheeks started swelling.

At a time like this, Adam was not worried of obtaining defeated at all. Rather, he was worried that Charlie Wade would summon thunder as well as lightning from the sky to strike him, and also that he would drop dead like Jack Yaleman.

Aurora’s face had actually also turned pale from shock.

She would never ever have actually visualized that Charlie Wade was really a master with such amazing powers.

Initially, she was so mad at Charlie Wade since she thought that he truly lied to her papa, and she was preparing to seek a chance to avenge her papa. Nonetheless, now it appeared as though she could just worship him because he was really extraordinary!

Aurora was also worried that Charlie Wade would certainly still seethe at her more youthful bro. Therefore, she fast stooped down prior to she said, “Mr. Wade, my more youthful brother is still young and also ignorant. Please be generous as well as forgive him.”.

When Charlie Wade saw the three participants of the Quinton household stooping before him and also pleading for forgiveness, his heart softened immediately. He told them to stand up before he claimed, “Considering that all of you are prepared to repent and also confess your mistakes, I will certainly not take this to heart. If something like this occurs again in the future, do not criticize me for being harsh!”.

As quickly as they heard his words, the Quinton household rapidly bowed their head and thanked him.

Currently, Jasmine had actually mixed sensations as she stood among the group of people as she experienced the scene unraveling prior to her.

Previously, she had always thought that Charlie Wade was just very fluent and knowledgeable in antique trades because he was simply a regular male with a normal background.

Unexpectedly, he was really hiding his toughness!

Jasmine was actually shocked by what she had actually observed today. She had actually never seen anything like this.

Currently, Charlie Wade took a progression before he looked at the group of individuals and stated, “Pay attention to me!”.

As quickly as he started talking, everyone increased their heads as well as checked out Charlie Wade pleasantly. No person dared to make any type of audio whatsoever.

Charlie Wade looked around the group prior to he stated in a strict way, “I do not desire any individual to mention anything that occurred right here today to any person else! I desire this to be maintained a secret amongst us. If anybody leaks this matter bent on the public, I will certainly ensure that he winds up with the exact same destiny as Jack Yaleman!”.

Every one of the visitors were shocked because it appeared as though Charlie Wade did not want any person to learn about his stamina as well as power!

He was really a really humble guy.

He was absolutely nothing like Jack, that just desired focus and attention wherever he went.

Jack was absolutely nothing contrasted to Charlie Wade!

Currently, everyone clasped their clenched fists with each other as they bowed prior to Charlie Wade and claimed, “Yes, we will certainly follow your directions, Mr. Wade.”.

Charlie Wade nodded in satisfaction before he stated, “In that case, every person can be rejected currently!”.

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