The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 221-225 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 221-225)

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 221

Zeke promptly stated, “Mr. Wade, it’s the peak hour now, the hardest time to get a taxi. Why do not I send you there, if you don’t mind?”

Claire Wilson was curious as well as cynical regarding this coincidence, yet she was also determined to say no to the charitable offer. “Thank you so much for the lift, Mr. White.”

” You’re also welcome, it’s my pleasure.” Zeke hurriedly left the car and also unlocked for them happily.

Charlie Wade simply scrubed his nose sheepishly without a word. He was aware that Zeke had actually ordered the most effective opportunity to flatter him, as well as together, he needed his help, so he didn’t reject the deal.

The motorist drove in front while Zeke beinged in the front passenger seat as well as started a casual conversation with Charlie Wade.

Heading, Claire Wilson paid attention to their discussion while a confusing feeling made inside her.

Zeke White was among the successful businessmen in Aurouss Hilll that made a much higher honor and also credibility in the business circle as compared to Lady Wilson. Such a figure generally possessed a company as well as stern temperament, and yet, inside the car, Claire Wilson can clearly feel that Zeke appeared to be butter Charlie Wade up and it was so obvious that it was obtaining a little greasy.

She looked at Charlie Wade and also discovered that he continued to be all-natural with a stoic look, making the whole scene also extra strange.

Logically speaking, when ordinary people got to satisfy a famous figure like Zeke White, they would be really simple and attempt their ideal to please him. On the contrary, Charlie Wade looked uncaring, and he didn’t even appear to care regarding Zeke.

What was much more peculiar was that Zeke had offered Charlie Wade a rental property worth much more than100 million bucks! It was so bizarre and odd!

On the other hand, Claire Wilson had actually long listened to that Zeke was quite into metaphysics and also very superstitious. He would hope, worship, and also give offerings to the God of Wide range at home on the 5th and fifteenth of every month. It just so occurred that Charlie Wade seemed to have acquainted himself with this type of superstitious research study, and that was probably why Zeke was so polite to Charlie Wade.

Nevertheless, she did not rely on these superstitious notions at all.

Ten minutes later, the parking lot at the entrance of Spikeworth Corps. Once again, Zeke promptly left the automobile as well as unlocked for them.

Claire Wilson rapidly spouted a thanks as well as adhered to Charlie Wade into the firm.

” Master Wade, I’ll be below waiting on you,” Zeke claimed from behind them.

Charlie Wade nodded to him as well as claimed, “Thank you for the lift, but you don’t need to wait here. I don’t recognize how long we will certainly take.”

” It’s okay. I don’t have anything to do today, anyhow.”

Zeke bowed to him as well as continued, “The White family’s company is not doing so well recently, it has obtained me truly stressed. I would like to discover a long time to seek advice from you.

Charlie Wade smiled and stated, “You were birthed in the year of Fowl, weren’t you? Your birth sign clashes with this year’s Tai Sui, which is the primary reason for your misery and also disruptions. After the dermatitis is gone, you won’t be as unfortunate as you are now.

Zeke was so shocked as he listened to Charlie Wade’s statement, his jaw nearly going down to the flooring.

Charlie Wade transformed as well as left after he had finished speaking. Zeke slowly reclaimed his composure from the daze as well as mumbled, “Wizard, Master Wade.

He bowed professionally to Charlie Wade with a look of prayer on his face as Charlie Wade walked away. It looked as though he had actually made the best decision by buttering Charlie Wade up!

Zeke stood upright and grunted. “Huh, Graham Quinton. You were so d * mned lucky when you hopped on Master Wade’s wagon, yet so did I! I’ll catch up to you with my own wagon as well as do better than you!”

Charlie Wade walked right into the entrance hall and sent out Claire Wilson right into the interview space.

As Claire Wilson entered the interview room, she saw a number of prospects making a line for the interview, so she signed up with the queue.

Charlie Wade strolled around the hall to pass his time. As he gazed downstairs from the home window, he drank his head with a bitter smile as he saw that Zeke was still waiting by the entrance. He could not aid it if the White household insisted on worshipping him like a God.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 222

In the office.

Resting behind his workdesk with his legs on the table, George looked at his phone intensely as he flirted with numerous women on a dating app.

Simply after that, his phone hummed, and also a sms message turned up.

George pursed his lips in inconvenience. As he reluctantly opened up the text message, he saw that it was the interview schedule from the HR department.

He frowned as quickly as he laid eyes on it with a tint of shock, and then he sneered sardonically, drinking his phone at the people sitting beside him. “Hey, hunch who concerned Spikeworth?”

Remaining on the sofa with George were Jerry and also Joanne who were right here to satisfy George in hopes of currying support with him.

Sexy enchantment emitted from Joanne’s body as she rested with her leg crossed in a low-cut body-hugging skirt and also her curly long hair cascading her shoulders. She examined her nails arrogantly and also asked, “Who is it?”

” Charlie Wade and also Claire Wilson Wilson!” George clicked his tongue in disdain and sneered, “Claire Wilson obtained a job here, that’s odd.”

Jerry asked in a displeased tone, “Why are they below?”

Joanne responded to, “Last evening, I heard Claire Wilson claim that she and Charlie Wade were tossed out of the Wilson family. She must be seeking a brand-new job because she can’t stay at her household’s firm any much longer.”

Jerry grunted. “George, last evening, that loser was so arrogant and also pompous, creating me as well as Joanne to be beaten up by those scoundrels. You must retaliate on our behalf!”

George responded contemptuously, “I’ve constantly found Charlie Wade the loser really aggravating and irritating, and also now his other half wants to work right here? Dream on!”

He stood, spruced up his layer, as well as claimed emphatically, “Simply wait and see. I’ll turn down Claire Wilson Wilson’s application and kick her out of right here!”

Joanne and Jerry glued a contemptuous laugh on their faces that stated ‘Go on your pompous act, losers!’.

George left of his workplace and also went straight to the meeting room where the meeting was being performed.

On the other hand, in the conference room, 3 interviewers were talking with Claire Wilson right then.

” Hi, Mr. Harris.”

The three recruiters stood as well as bowed to George when he strolled right into the conference room.

George put on a shocked appearance when he saw Claire Wilson and said loudly, “Oh, hello! Claire Wilson Wilson! Why are you below?”

Claire Wilson was just as surprised. “Hi, George. Very long time no see.”

George responded with a smile. “Yes, it’s been a while.”

Then, he relied on the three job interviewers as well as claimed, “You can go out currently. I’ll manage this meeting.”

” Um, Mr. Harris, I don’t assume that’s a great idea.”

” Why? Are you stating that I can not also conduct an interview?”

” Okay, Mr. Harris!”

George Harris was the elderly exec in the company. The recruiters didn’t attempt to disobey his order, so they rapidly left the room.

Claire Wilson was really puzzled at what had just occurred. What was George trying to do? Did he want to accept her application under the counter because he understood her?

” Claire Wilson Wilson, I came as quickly as I listened to that you were going to the interview today.”

George talked as he considered Claire Wilson coyly. She was so attractive and also elegant, as well as her body was so warm. She was a lot far better than those females on the dating app!

It was a pity that she chose Charlie Wade the loser as her spouse!


The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 223

Claire Wilson didn’t recognize that George depended on no good, and so, she hurriedly claimed upon his politeness, “George, you are also welcome.”

George pasted on a pretentiously type smile. Taking Claire Wilson Wilson’s resume from the table, he scanned it delicately as well as said in a gloomy tone, “Claire Wilson Wilson, I’m so sorry but from what I see in your resume, your credentials don’t fulfill our needs, regardless of abilities or experience. You do not fit our demand.”

He sighed and continued, “Well, I’m sorry, Claire Wilson Wilson. You have actually fell short the interview. I recommend you try one more business. All the best!”

Claire Wilson was shocked by his severe being rejected and also fast claimed, “But I’ve been working at the monitoring department at the Wilson Group for a lot of years! I’m particular that my professionalism and reliability fits the standards that your company has actually mentioned.”

George drank his head and claimed securely. Your so-called credentials and also experiences are simply since you are component of the Wilson family members.

” Alright, then.” Claire Wilson looked down heavily, a layer of grief hovering under her eyes. She ultimately understood George’s objective of disrupting her interview– he was waging a personal vendetta against her.

She was infuriated by George’s unprofessionalism. Knowing complete well that she didn’t stand an opportunity being accepted by Spikeworth Corps, she withdrew her smile as well as left of the space in distress.

Behind her, George grinned triumphantly as well as muttered, “Don’t you ever dream of entering into Spikeworth for as long as I’m right here!”

Charlie Wade was in the lounge location, waiting. He was a little surprised when he saw Claire Wilson walking out of the lift with an aggrieved expression.

Splits drenching her reddened eyes, Claire Wilson splashed out whatever that had occurred throughout the meeting.

Charlie Wade was infuriated and also aggravated after listening to her story.

George was such a d * ck! He never dared to pursue him with harmful efforts but he dared to bully his spouse?! Just how risk he!

“George Harris of Spikeworth is pretty effective, huh? He sent it directly to Zeke.

At the same time, Zeke was awaiting Charlie Pitch in the lobby downstairs with his bodyguard. When he obtained the message, he stared blankly at it initially, and also quickly, the expression on his face was replaced by an incredibly stunned gape!

He was trying desperately to fawn on Charlie Wade, as well as this George something had actually gone out of his means as well as angered Charlie Wade’s better half! He had a death dream, really did not he !?

Enraged, Furious spoke to talked assistant without aide.

Spikeworth Corps was a subsidiary business of the White family, thus, Zeke’s presence in the company was as stunning as the emperor.

When the board of supervisors listened to that Zeke White was here and also wished to see them, they fast went over to greet him.

As the head of the White household, nobody attempted to disturb Zeke. If he dissolved Spikeworth for any kind of factor in all, every one of them would be out of work!

George was not one of the directors, so, he really did not understand just how much problem he had actually triggered. After driving Claire Wilson away, he went back to his workplace, remaining on his chair as well as smoking a cigar with a smug smile.

After hearing that George had actually kicked Claire Wilson out, Jerry and Joanne were very thrilled. They bordered him as well as applauded him. “Employer, all you require is one remark and also Claire Wilson is kicked out of your business! You’re so awesome!”

” True that! George is a senior executive of Spikeworth. George, you are one of the most effective among us!”

Joanne as well as Jerry promoted George in the hope that if they could be in good terms with him, they would certainly at the very least be ensured with a brilliant future, not to mention being rich as well as powerful.

George said smugly, “I’ve constantly found Charlie Wade disgusting and also irritating given that university. Since his better half wants to obtain Spikeworth? Fantasize on!”

Joanne giggled. “Ah, George, you ought to have taken a video clip recently! I want to see how sad Claire Wilson cared for being denied!”

George chuckled. “Haha, she virtually wept! Oh my God, it was so funny!”

Jerry quickly asked, “What about Charlie Wade? Did he come with her?”

” I do not recognize. I didn’t see him,” George snorted coldly. “If that loser risks to tip foot here, I’ll f * cking break his leg!

Joanne kept complementary George, “Wow, you’re the most effective! Charlie Wade appears so little and clear compared to you!”

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 224

George laughed triumphantly. “Just wait and see. When I sign up with the board of directors, these people will certainly seek out and also worship me!”

Jerry asked in surprise, “George, are you mosting likely to be among the directors?”

” Almost,” George stated with a smug smile. “It’s under procedure. If everything goes efficiently, I’ll be advertised in a few months!”

” Wow, that is so terrific!” Jerry provided him a thumbs up and exclaimed, “George, please don’t neglect your buddy when you’re the director!”

George responded. “Naturally! Don’t worry, I’ll look out for you.”

In the middle of the discussion, there was a loud bang, as well as the door of George’s workplace was kicked open strongly.

” That the f * ck dares to kick my door …”.

George was surprised by the abrupt turmoil. He will yell when he saw all the participants of the board of supervisors standing at his door, bowing respectfully at a middle-aged male in a match. He stared at them in a daze as he ingested his curse.

Zeke glared at George darkly and asked, “Are you George Harris?”.

In a trance, George responded gradually. “Yes, I am.”.

With no caution, Zeke marched ahead and put him hard across the face!

” F * ck you! Just how attempt you reject Miss Wilson’s application, you id * ot!”.

Grasping his swollen face, George was stupefied. “Who the heck are you? How risk you put me!”.

” How attempt I put you ?! I’ll eliminate you right now!” Zeke kicked George to the flooring, stomping on his head and grumbling, “Do you recognize that Master Wade had actually bought that I should allow Miss Wilson pass her interview!? And also yet, you destroyed it, you f * cking id * ot! If I don’t make you pay today, I’ll create my name, Zeke White, in reverse!”.

George shivered in shock and fear upon hearing the name ‘Zeke White’. He understood that he remained in deep sh * t currently.

He was Zeke White, the owner of Spikeworth, as well as the head of the White family members!

The whole Spikeworth belonged to the White family, as well as he had literally upset the utmost boss! Mr. White, I really didn’t recognize that there was such an arrangement!

George could just beg seriously as Zeke stepped on him on the floor like a bloody dog.

At the same time, Jerry as well as Joanne were even more horrified, not also bold to breathe.

Wade, as in Charlie Wade Wade? Him again ?!

Just How did Charlie Wade know Zeke, the effective businessman?! He was simply a deadbeat moocher!

What they didn’t understand was that the huge manager standing before them was Charlie Wade’s lapdog who had attempted his finest to butter Charlie Wade up.

” George Harris, from this point forward, you’re discharged! According to the employment agreement, you’ve committed a significant responsibility mistake, and you need to make up the business for 5 million bucks!”.

George was entirely shocked as if he had been struck by lightning!

5 million dollars! He had not been worth that much money even if he traded himself!

He stooped on the flooring and also pleaded vigorously, “Please, Mr. White, please provide me one more chance! I’ll say sorry to Claire Wilson today! Please! Please do not fire me!”.

Zeke sneered. “Apology? That do you think you are?”.

Zeke kicked George away as well as revealed, “Release the information. George Harris has actually offended Master Wade, hence, the White family currently blacklists him in all the industries. This piece of trash will certainly end up on the streets and be unpleasant for the rest of his life!”.

The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 225

George collapsed to the flooring, his eyes filled with anguish and agony.

The reason that he was advertised to an elderly exec placement at such a young age had a whole lot to do with the rigorous employment agreement that he had joined his very own will.

To enhance the control of their staff members, the Spikeworth Corps had actually issued a very demanding as well as prejudiced employment contract which assured a promo after finalizing, however they would be fully bound by the firm. The promo was guaranteed, but they needed to confirm that they were worthwhile and also strive to be dedicated to the firm. If they failed their efficiency indication or had disagreements, the business would certainly file a substantial claim against them.

Lots of people were afraid to sign such a contract as a result of its rough and stern conditions, yet at that moment, George was a fresh graduate that teemed with vanity as well as made every effort to be successful. He had actually authorized the contract decisively despite the somewhat unreasonable repercussions.

He had been promoted instantly as well as the company appreciated him really much, yet currently, the bitter repercussions awaited!

Stooping on the flooring, George trembled in disbelief and anguish.

He had spent all his life and devotion in Spikeworth Corps, but now, not just did the company intend to sue him for 5 million, however Zeke White had actually announced that he had actually shunned him …

Just how can he ever locate a work once more ?! If he had no task, he would have no income, as well as his life would certainly remain in big trouble along with the 5 million bucks compensation. There would be no other possibility aside from going to jail …

He ordered Zeke’s foot as well as wailed seriously, “Mr. White, please, please forgive me! Please offer me another opportunity! Please! If you blacklist me, where would certainly I locate the cash to pay the settlement? Please give me another opportunity to verify myself! I’ll do anything for you! I’ll be the servant of the company, I’ll behave as well as be a straightforward guy, adding my entire effort to the company! Please!”.

Zeke kicked him away in inconvenience as well as grumbled, “What’s using asking forgiveness now? It’s far too late! Do you think the globe focuses on you? Do you assume that nevertheless this difficulty, you can just get away with a straightforward ‘I’m sorry’? It’s too late, id * ot. If Master Wade neglects me as a result of you, I’ll kill you with my very own hands!”.

George was trembling with shock, his face as light and ghastly as a ghost. He had never anticipated that Charlie Wade, a deadbeat loser in his eyes, had such enormous influence and also power in his hands to the point that Zeke would eliminate him for him!

If he recognized that this was how he would certainly end up, he would have instead knelt prior to Claire Wilson when they had initial fulfilled rather than deny her …

Alas, it was too late now. He was done …

Presently, Zeke saw Joanne as well as Jerry in the workplace and also asked with an irritated frown, “Who are you? Are you his close friends or Spikeworth’s employees?”.

Joanne as well as Jerry were absolutely stunned, as well as they rapidly stated, “Oh! No, no, we do not have anything to do with George! We don’t even know him.”.

How can they confess that they knew him at a turning point similar to this! It was best to reduce their connections with him!

Zeke asked suspiciously, “Really? Why were you in his office, talking and also chuckling?”.

George claimed furiously, “Mr. White, they are my collegemates. Failing Claire Wilson Wilson’s interview was their concept, it was they that prompted me to decline Claire Wilson Wilson!”.

George glared at them indignantly. Jerry as well as Joanne were the major wrongdoers of his suffering. They would not escape this!

Zeke squinted at them in nuisance. “Oh, so it’s a pet dog fight, huh? Blacklist these two as well!”.

He leapt on George like a mad man and also began punching him. “George Harris, you b * stard!


Charlie Wade and Claire Wilson had taken a taxi and also were on their way residence.

Claire Wilson was abnormally silent as well as deep in her thoughts. Charlie Wade took her hand as well as said, “You can always discover another work.

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