The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 26 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 26)

“Yes! If my little girl can marry him, I can pass away in peace!”

” Phew, quit dreaming! Even if you are dead, he will certainly not like your little girl!”

As soon as Elaine Ma saw him, she rushed to his side and also claimed seriously, “Hey, Kevin, you’re right here! I was so nervous awaiting you!”

Without a doubt, it was Kevin.

Kevin said with a smile, “Auntie, I’m extremely sorry to have kept you waiting!”

” Oh no, Kevin, you’re as well kind. I assume it had taken you only 10 minutes to obtain right here, you came so fast!”

” As quickly as I heard that you remain in trouble, I drove over rapidly. I even ran some red lights heading right here.”

Elaine Ma looked very complacent, yet asked with concern, “Will it get you into problem for running the red lights?”

” No,” Kevin said any which way, “The guys in the website traffic division are all my colleagues. A phone call is all I require to resolve the website traffic tickets.”

Kevin removed his throat and started once more, “Anyway, back to your service. How much have you been scammed out of in total?”

Elaine Ma sighed heavily. “More Than one million bucks. They Promised that I can obtain two hundred thousand dollars in returns this month, today, I can not also obtain the funding fund back!”

Kevin responded and claimed firmly, “Okay, don’t stress, leave it to me. I’ll absolutely aid you obtain all the money back.”

He saw Charlie Wade standing behind Elaine Ma as well as his face darkened a little. Ever before since he met Claire Wilson Wilson, he had the urge to obtain on intimate terms with her.

He took care of a purposeful laugh as well as stated, “Hey, Charlie Wade, I didn’t recognize you were right here as well. Do you have a way to help Aunt get back the money?

Elaine Ma interjected quickly, “Oh quit the nonsense, what can he do, anyway? One of the most he can help with is to open his mouth and also shout the mottos! Kevin leave him alone.”

Kevin nodded as well as mocked, “Given that Charlie Wade is not efficient in aiding you, let me attempt!”

Charlie Wade smiled slightly as well as said half-heartedly, “Good luck, Mr. White.”

Kevin laughed disdainfully. Atthis time, the seniors bordered Elaine Ma and also stated, “Elaine Ma, we’re all your good friends. Could you ask this handsome man to help us as well, please? It’s Our hard-earned cash!”

Elaine Ma claimed arrogantly, “Oh, it’s not up to me to say. Kevin is below to help me, he doesn’t know any one of you.”

The group turned to Kevin and also began begging him. “Mr. White, please be merciful, please help us!”

Kevin discovered the group irritating, yet he can see that Elaine Ma was a low-cost as well as money grubbing individual, so he claimed with a laid-back smile, “Given that you are Auntie Elaine Ma’s friends, obviously I can aid you.”

Kevin continued in a pompous voice, “However I’m assisting you because of Auntie Elaine Ma. For the money I get back for you, you need to pay Auntie Elaine Ma a 10% payment.

The group supported, “No problem! It’s better to obtain 90% of our money back than to obtain absolutely nothing at all!”

Elaine Ma was over the moon upon hearing that. The quantity of cash that these pals were scammed added up to tens of millions. If Kevin might get the cash back, she would make a million bucks from the commission alone!

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