The Mans Decree Chapter 1967

“Argh!” One after another, the people were getting struck by the bolts of heavenly thunder, and they screamed in agony. After approaching Jared, Jose asked, “Jared, aren’t you proficient in arcane arrays? Can you find a way to deactivate the Sky Thunder Array? If not, more people will lose their lives.”

“Who do you think you are to ask Jared to deactivate the arcane array? Weren’t you so full of yourself earlier? Do it yourself then!” Godrick snapped.

He could not believe that Jose was shameless enough to seek Jared’s help even though they were no longer on the same side. Jose’s face turned ashen from fury, but he did not have the courage to utter a word in retaliation.

He figured that Jared might be the only one among them who could help them escape from the area because Jared was the only one who knew the intricacies of arcane arrays. As long as he found the core of the arcane array, he would be able to deactivate the array. “Mr. Chance, please save us!”

“Please save us!”

Just then, a group of people ran over to kneel before Jared. The sight of each lightning bolt flashing in the sky and threatening to strike was a terrifying reminder that death could come at any moment, leaving no one eager to face it.

In no time, more and more people were kneeling before Jared. Even the members of the families who had allied themselves with Jose no longer cared about the alliance and were kneeling on the ground.

Four Martial Arts Saints were guarding outside the area, and bolts of heavenly thunder were striking inside. If no one could save them, this would be their final resting place.

Jared raked his gaze across the kneeling crowd and drew his brows together. Soon, his gaze landed on Marcelo. When Marcelo saw Jared looking at him, he shuddered and promptly lowered his head, not daring to look at Jared.

“If he kneels before me and begs for my help, I’ll think of a way to deactivate the Heavenly Thunder Array, Jared said, pointing at Marcelo. Instantly, everyone turned to look at Marcelo.

“Keep dreaming, Jared! I’d rather die than kneel before you!” Marcelo roared. As the son of the Garcia family, he refused to kneel before anyone. Moreover, he held at grudge against Jared. “Marcelo, just get on your knees. Are you going to let us die?”

“He’s right. You should humble yourself and kneel. Your temper doesn’t match your abilities. Maybe if you didn’t anger Mr. Chance, he would have saved us by now.” “Hurry up and kneel!”

Everyone was yelling at Marcelo, wanting him to go down on his knees. Marcelo was trembling and seething with anger. He hissed, “Shut the f*ck up! I’d prefer to perish than to submit to him!”

Marcelo was determined not to kneel, even if it meant alienating everyone in the vicinity. Right then, Jose enunciated, “Kneel before him.” Marcelo froze before squeezing out, “Jose, you…

“I’m telling you to get on your knees. Did you not hear me?”

There was an icy look on Jose’s face as murderous intent flashed past his eyes. Marcelo, who swore he would never kneel, could not help but bend his legs at the sight of the furious Jose. He was finally kneeling before Jared.

“Jared, Marcelo has kneeled. Will you deactivate the Heavenly Thunder Array now?” Jose asked. “Sure. Move away from that altar,” Jared then said.

At that, everyone ran to the sides before craning their necks to see how Jared was going to deactivate the Heavenly Thunder Array. “Mr. Flaxseed, please lend me a helping hand,” Jared uttered.

“Jared, how are you going to deactivate this? Heavenly Thunder Array isn’t like any other arcane arrays. It won’t be easy to deactivate it,” Flaxseed reminded.

“I know,” Jared said with a small smile. “I wasn’t planning to deactivate it from the start.”

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