The Mans Decree Chapter 1968

“You’re not breaking the array?” Flaxseed was shocked. “If you don’t plan on doing that, why did you promise those people? Aren’t you giving them a reason to target you?”

If those people joined forces to attack Jared, even he would have a tough time dealing with the mess. “I don’t plan to break the formation, but we can devise a way to divert the heavenly thunder to one place. This way, as long as people avoid that spot, no one will be struck by the heavenly thunder again,” Jared explained.

Hearing that, Flaxseed instantly understood and nodded. “That’s a good idea, but where do you plan to divert the heavenly thunder?” “See that altar? Let’s guide the heavenly thunder there since that’s the highest point in the entire ancient ruins,” Jared said while pointing at the altar. “Okay, so how do you plan to achieve that?”

Flaxseed asked. “Follow me.” Jared led Flaxseed to the top of the altar. Jared stood in the middle of the altar and said to Flaxseed, “Mr. Flaxseed, utilize your charm to attract the heavenly thunder here by using me as a medium.”

“Jared, are you insane? Do you intend to let the heavenly thunder strike you?” Flaxseed asked in astonishment..

“Without a medium, diverting the heavenly thunder to one place is impossible. When the heavenly thunder gathers here and bombards me, I’ll find an opportunity to leave, and the thunder will keep hitting the same spot. I’ve already checked; although the heavenly thunder of Heavenly Thunder Array is powerful, it’s far weaker than the lightning tribulation I faced during my breakthrough. It won’t cause me any harm,” Jared explained confidently.

“Jared, think this through. This is certainly not a plaything,” Flaxseed reminded him again. “Don’t worry. Let’s get started.” With that, Jared brandished Dragonslayer Sword and raised it high above his head to better attract the heavenly thunder.

Seeing that, Flaxseed had no choice but to take out several pieces of charm. He muttered incantations under his breath and abruptly threw them into the air.

Several charms began to rotate in mid-air, and the surrounding flickering blue lightning began to gather above Jared’s head as if they’d been lured over by something.

Everyone watched that scene in stupefaction, with their mouths hanging wide open. “What is Jared trying to do? Is he going to endure the blasts of heavenly thunder?”

“Is he crazy?” “This is amazing. I can’t believe we actually have a charm master among us.” The crowd buzzed with discussions while Jose regarded Jared with a grimace.

“Mr. Lassen, this guy is trying to prompt the strike of heavenly thunder. Is he out of his mind?” a subordinate beside Claus asked in an undertone.

Claus narrowed his eyes and spoke slowly. “I don’t think he’s mad. This guy’s physical body is quite formidable. I guess he has the confidence to withstand the heavenly thunder.”

Claus had been hiding his true strength, standing among the crowd, not wanting to reveal himself until the last moment. “Dad, Jared has gone insane. What is he trying. to do? Doing this is no different from courting death?”

When Astrid saw Jared was about to make himself the target of the heavenly thunder, she immediately disagreed and wanted to rush forward to pull him down.

She couldn’t let anything happen to Jared. She wouldn’t know how to live if something happened to him. “Don’t move. Mr. Chance must have a plan. He’ll be fine,” Fernando stepped forward and halted Astrid.

“Astrid, rest assured. Mr. Chance will definitely be fine.” Verner also expressed his confidence in Jared at that moment. Boom! The heavenly thunder was now converged atop Jared’s head. Countless blue lightning bolts could be observed weaving around.

Crack! All of a sudden, a bolt of heavenly thunder struck down, directly hitting Jared and causing his body to emit a blue glow. He clenched his teeth, resisting the force of the heavenly thunder.

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