The Mans Decree Chapter 1970

Just as Jared rushed toward the altar, a loud boom ensued, and a bolt of heavenly thunder struck down! A massive force instantly flung Jared out.

The bolt of heavenly thunder seemed to be more powerful than ever before. Many others also could not withstand the scattered energy and staggered backward.

After Jared regained his balance, he was surprised to see the altar in front of him. starting to crumble bit by bit. The stones cracked, revealing a shrunken version of the altar that was entirely black. Everyone looked on in bewilderment, as they were unable to determine what material the altar was made of. Buzz…

Suddenly, the altar started to emit a buzzing sound. The people felt a dizzying sensation and quickly covered their ears. Amidst the sound, Heavenly Thunder Array instantly collapsed and disappeared.

After the sound subsided, a beam of light shot out of the altar and pierced through the entire hill. Outside, Skylar and others guarding the area suddenly saw a beam of light shooting into the sky from within the ancient ruins.

In mid-air, the light suddenly expanded, and the entire Encanta Island was enveloped in it. “What’s going on?” Skylar was bewildered. “Could there be treasures in this ruin?” a Black Gold Robe asked.

As the light shrouded the entire Encanta Island, a mist began to form, obscuring the island. “The spiritual energy has revived. These are spiritual energies…”

Malphas who was inside Skylar sensed a large amount of spiritual energy spreading around him. “The spiritual energy has revived. There must be treasures in these ancient ruins that we don’t know about. Let’s rush in!” Malphas yelled.

Skylar also sensed the changes around him and immediately took four Black Gold Robes into the ancient ruins. At the same time, Jared and his group in the ancient ruins also sensed the sudden changes around them.

“Mr. Lassen, the spiritual energy has revived. It looks like this altar is the key to the spiritual energy’s revival,” a person next to Claus said excitedly.

“If we can get our hands on this thing, can’t the Lassen family create a spiritual energy revival site?” another subordinate exclaimed. Hearing that, Claus himself trembled with excitement.

The spiritual energy had revived, which meant that they could break free from the constraints of the secret realm and the suppression of the laws of nature and freely travel between the secret realm and the mundane world. “Get ready to attack,” Claus whispered.

Several of his men nodded and immediately prepared for battle. After looking at the altar, Jared realized that the spiritual energy on Encanta Island had revived because of this altar. As long as they destroyed the altar, they could control the revival of spiritual energy.

“Mr. Flaxseed, Verner, get ready to attack,” Jared said to Flaxseed and the others in a low voice. At the same time, Jose looked at the altar, which was entirely black but not large in size, with a gleam in his eyes.

“Jose!” Marcelo shouted excitedly at him. “Tell everyone to get ready to attack,” Jose commanded. He was also brimming with excitement. Just as various forces in the secret realm were about to clash, Skylar and his four Black Gold Robes had already rushed in.

These people were like wolves among sheep, and no one could stop them. It took them no time to cut a bloody path through to the front. Skylar looked at the glowing, black altar with excitement in his eyes.

Jose’s face turned ugly when he saw Skylar and his men rushing in, and Jared frowned as well. Jared was still confident dealing with Jose and his group. However, now that Skylar had rushed with four Black Gold Robes, it was almost impossible for him to destroy the altar.

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