The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3972

Chapter 3972 The Fury Of Cordierite Association

In Cordierite Association in Willowbank, Albert had a bad premonition. The feeling was getting more intense. They had already waited for close to two months, but Gavin and the rest had yet to return.

It had been five to six days since they last heard from them, and the thought filled Albert with great unease. Albert had sent many messages, but they remained unanswered.

“Form a group of ten to go to Dragon’s Grave Valley to investigate.” Albert finally gave a command to investigate the matter. The person who led the team was an elder who assisted Cordierite Association.

Although the combat prowess of the team was not as strong as that of Gavin’s group, they were still relatively strong.

Like the previous team, the group took the cloudship to get to their destination. When they reached Dragon’s Grave Valley, the peculiarities in the core area had disappeared.

“There’s nothing weird about this place.” “There is no sign of the phenomenon that Mr. Finnegan had previously mentioned either.” “Has something happened?”

The team was made up of people who were experienced and knowledgeable. They could tell that there was nothing out of the ordinary in Dragon’s Grave Valley presently.

The current state of Dragon’s Grave Valley was drastically different from the dangerous restricted areas in Kenfort’s core area. How could such a place attract Gavin’s attention?

The reason why the phenomenon disappeared could be that the magical herbs had disappeared. It was very likely that the magical herbs had been snatched by someone else.

“We will know what’s wrong when we get to Dragon’s Grave Valley core area. Let’s hurry up and go there.”

At the leader’s command, the cloudship flew to Dragon’s Grave Valley at a breakneck speed. Although there were no Thunder energy shields on the cloudship, everyone had Thunder energy magical artifacts.

Furthermore, they were very powerful and skillful. Thus, they soon arrived at the core area in Dragon’s Grave Valley. They were stunned by the scene in front of them.

Arctic Lake had dried up, there was a huge crack in the earth ley line, and the Earthfire appeared to be on the verge of extinguishing.

The other areas were destroyed. There were many craters caused by Heavenly Thunder. Besides that, there were weapon marks on many areas. Boom!

Crack! Heavenly Thunder flashed across the sky before countless lightning struck the corpses on the ground. The lightning had burned the clothes on the corpse. There was no blood and flesh on the corpse, and only bones were left.

“There are exactly seventeen corpses,” the leader of the team said hoarsely. The other members felt chills run down their spines. The same thought ran through their minds.

“G-Go and identify the corpses.” The leader’s voice trembled. The team split up and went to the corpses. The faces of many corpses had been destroyed by Heavenly Thunder.

However, they could identify the sizes of the corpses through the skeletons. Gavin’s corpse had been preserved the most completely. Half of his face was intact, and everyone recognized him.

“It’s Mr. Finnegan.” The leader inhaled sharply as fear engulfed his heart.

Seventeen Peak class fighters had been killed, and their Thunder Cloudship had disappeared without a trace. It was enough evidence that the accident was man-made.

“Go and search for other clues in the vicinity. I’ll inform Mr. Fitzgerald right now.” Thereafter, the leader took out a communication device and reported the news to Albert.

The latter was enraged when he heard the news. Such an act was an outright provocation to Cordierite Association. “This is terrible! Who would dare to provoke us like this? We must find the murderer at all costs! I will skin him alive!”

Albert ordered Cordierite Association and other subordinate states to investigate the cause of the deaths. A group of more than a hundred people soon set off to investigate.

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