The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3977

Chapter 3977 Are You Gloria Gaston

Alarm bells rang in his head, and Geraint used everything he had to dive to the side. Then, the sword energy whizzed past the area he was in, and Geraint watched on with fear.

Consequently, the Void Sect elder next to him failed to dodge that and was killed, split in half by the sword energy without a single sound. That old geezer is really good at running.

At the failed attack, Gloria cursed inwardly. She kept chasing them until they reached the restricted area of Void Sect.

It was a dense forest littered with strangely shaped rocks. Therefore, Geraint and the rest had no choice but to slow down in the rough terrain.

“You have nowhere to run.”

Gloria dashed forward and blocked their path.

Immediately, Geraint and others fell into despair. Their hands that held the swords trembled violently.

“His strength is indeed strong. During the chase, all the elders in the sect died. Moreover, we’re barely holding on. With only a few of us left, there is no hope for us to win this.”

Geraint’s face was as white as a sheet, but it was too late for him to keep running.

“Are you really going to kill everyone?” Geraint made a last-ditch effort.

Gloria replied, “Isn’t this obvious? Otherwise, why would I hunt you down for all this while? Enough with the chit-chat. Prepare to die!”

And then, she moved. The multiple sword slashes intersected to form an all-encompassing net, heading straight to Geraint and the others.

“It’s our last chance! We’ll go all out!”

Steeling himself, Geraint resisted, pouring all his powers to withstand her attacks. Alas, the gap between their strength levels was too big, and the power he infused into his sword energy was too little to make any difference.

Similarly, Primo, Santino, and Heptino fought back, but their futures were grim. Like a waterfall, her attacks blanketed the three, but they failed to withstand her attacks and were defeated.

“We need to split up! If we continue like this, we’ll certainly die!” Geraint shouted. At this moment, his body was riddled with wounds, and blood stained his clothes red.

Primo and others were in a similar situation as him. Moreover, their powers were weaker than Geraint, so their injuries were even worse than his.

“Trying to escape?” Gloria snorted and increased her power.

Suddenly, Primo’s, Santino’s, and Geraint’s legs were hit, and they fell pathetically.

Surprisingly, Gloria spared the seventh Empyrean. Hence, Heptino, who was not hit, escaped successfully, disappearing into the thick bushes.

In order to secure Heptino’s escape, Gloria made a couple of random slashes in his direction.

As the terrifying sword slashes destroyed the surrounding forest and pulverized the rocks, Heptino took his opportunity to escape, going deeper into the restricted area.

Gloria stopped chasing after him but turned and headed to Geraint and the rest.

Meanwhile, they were crawling in the opposite direction with much difficulty. On their legs, they had a wound so deep that the bone was showing. Ultimately, there was no way they could get up and leave.

“Stop wasting your energy. I won’t let you escape.”

However, Gloria did not keep her voice changed.

The sudden appearance of a female voice shocked Geraint and the rest. Especially Primo was even more surprised because he knew this voice all too well.

“Gloria Gaston? How could this be?”

After all, Primo had an intimate relationship with Gloria. He thought he knew everything about her, from her hair to her toes.

But why is Gloria doing something like this? She had no reason to slaughter the fighters in Void Sect!

Primo turned to look at his fellow companions and realized Santino and Geraint had shocked expressions on their faces.

The sense of foreboding grew even stronger as each second passed.

“You are… Gloria Gaston?” Geraint said in uncertainty.

Gloria released her energy to search through the area but couldn’t find any suspicious traces. Thus, she finally relaxed.

“Is this place that dark for you not to recognize me, Lord Earkenhait? Or your eyesight must be failing! Can’t recognize me? Hahaha!” Gloria cackled maniacally.

“Anyway, it’s better this way. Since we’re from the same sect, I don’t want you to die without knowing anything.” Her words were filled with ridicule and disdain.

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